The professional medical treatment by the doctors was incredible and the empathy and care of the nursing staff were great. I can’t thank the whole team of Norvic International Hospital more.
Martina Kuss
I am grateful to the hospital staff, I received professional care and attention during 3 days. The Nurse and doctor were very professional and the room was very clean. Thank you!
Clement Jean Gerad
I came in Norvic Hospital because of pneumonia. They started to cure me very soon.Finally I stayed in hospital for two night and three days and I loved. The service here is very large room, everything is clean and the nurses were really taking good care of me. I felt like home and I can suggest to everyone to come her.
Ms. Margaux Tortella
The level of service and care I received at Norvic International Hospital is exceptional. Every aspect was perfect. The doctors were prompt and precise and the nurses were extreme lovely and knowledgeable. Australian hospitals can learn a lot from how they operate here at Norvic International Hospital. Thank you very much.
Mr. Michael Harrison Taplin
While travelling in Kathmandu I found myself in the need of emergency medical treatment and was taken to Norvic International Hospital. The entire experience, from transport to initial assessment and treatment was extremely positive. I found the doctors, nurses and the support staff to be extremely competent, thorough, responsive and pleasant. Thanks to the care I received my stay was short and my health restored. I recommend Norvic without reservation.
Mr. Stuart Buchanana
I have spent two days in Norvic Hospital and it was a time of peaceful rest after I had altitude sickness. All of hospital’s staff is professional-Nurses, doctors as well as maintenance and cafeteria employees. Accommodation is also really good, So I will thank back about my stay here with a smile on a face.
Mr. Adam Jan Szmyd
I am immensely grateful to the hospital staff for medical support, humanism and warm care in a very difficult period of my life.Professionalism of surgeons, staff of resuscitation centre, physiotherapist and nurses is on a very high level. I was surrounded by attention and care. All the medical procedures and recommendations were carefully explained to me. This is a very reliable combination of expertise and human attitude to the patient. I am very grateful. In fact you saved my life and helped me to return to my children and family.
Ms Tetiana Kipian
Dear Dr. Pankaj Jalan, Perhaps you remember the German woman who was in your hospital in February of this year with very bad meningitis. I had been trekking in the region of Pokhara and got ill on the way back. They brought me to the hospital with a helicopter. I stayed there from 8th to 24th of February 2019 and then flied back to Germany with a German doctor. Now after 7 months I am healthy again and the MRT only shows a little rest of thrombus that will go with Padraxa too. All the doctors said that you and your team saved my life in Kathmandu. It is time to say thank you again for the competent medical treatment the affectionate care in the Norvic Hospital. I am so happy that I can lead my life as usual again after this bad illness. With my deep gratitude to you and your team
Ms. Christine Burmeister
I was admitted to Norvic Hospital with AMS. The staff was very attentive and made my recovery as quick and comfortable as possible. Dr. J.P. Jaiswal was very reassuring and Nurse Isha was especially attentive. Thank you for your help.
Mr. Robert Mitson
My sincere thanks to Dr JP Jaswal, Dr B Srivastav and nurses for their attentiveness. I am fully recovered now. Thank You
Prof. Dr. Rakpong Petkam
We were evacuated by helicopter from our Everest Base Camp trek and transferred by ambulance to Norvic International Hospital. We were seen immediately in the Emergency unit by a doctor and nurses. We had bloods taken X-rays etc. We were diagnosed with AMS with upper respiratory infections. The care we have received is absolutely outstanding and very thorough. The doctors and nurses at Norvic are exceptionally good at their jobs, very welcoming and friendly. Our room was cleaned three times daily, bedding changed every day. We simply could not have asked for better care. Highly recommended.
Mrs. Rebecca Catherine Prince
I was admitted to Norvic International Hospital after being lifted from a village during my Trek on the Manasli Circuit. From the ambulance right until I felt I was in good hands. It is tough being in a foreign country with no support with you as you heal in hospital, however all the staffs were very friendly and accommodating. I spent just under a week being treated for altitude sickness and an upper respiratory chest infection. In this time I was treated by Dr. J P Jaiswal and found him to be caring, methodical and brilliant at his job. A big thank you to everyone at Norvic International Hospital. I very much appreciate everyone’s kindness and care that was exhibited during my stay.
Ms. Amanda Mc Donald
I came to the Norvic International Hospital on 19th December 2018 to investigate my fever, headache and stomach cramps. Right from the start I got insight and clear plan for treatment. I stayed for 5 days and they were full of professional and quality treatment. Nurses were tireless, always close by, ready for help. Thank you Norvic Hospital for the warm and gentle care. I am very grateful.
Mr. Alexei Mokitchev
Clinical staffs were excellent and attentive throughout. Facilities were top notch and food was very enjoyable. Particular mention needs to be made of the wonderful housekeeping and cleaning staff whose kindness professionalism and respect have helped me through an otherwise difficult and undignified time in my life.
Mr. Prinya Likilersuang
Hello! Everybody, I am Madis Avi. My stay on the Norvic International Hospital is so good. All the staffs and nurses are very good and cooperative. I feel like I am in my own home. I admitted in this hospital for 4 days and they treated me very well. The treatment I got during my stay was perfect and fast.
Mr. Madis Avi
I have been taken care so well in those four days in Norvic International Hospital. The nurses are polite and gave all the attention i needed. I would like to thank all the staff for taking care so well of me. Thank you all folks.
Mrs. Gabriela Koff Falkenbach
This hospital have very good service. The food was very delicious. If I got sick again and have chance, I will come to this hospital again.
Mr. Sakon Charoenwathana
Good treatment for gastro intestinal problem. Good Nurses. Good and clean room. I recommend this hospital.
Ms. Marie Martignole
While on tour in Kathmandu, I fell and broke my leg. I was brought by ambulance of Norvic International Hospital emergency and within an hour. I had an X-Ray performed showing complete fracture of femur requiring extensive surgery including rod and two pins. The surgery was performed by the next morning and we spent 10 days in recovery. We are from the USA and have excellent facilities there. The surgeon, staff and all doctors we encountered were absolutely equal to that I had in the USA. More importantly the nursing staff from ICU to our room was the finest we have ever encountered. All the staffs, nurses, GREs were attentive and kind and sensitive to my needs and patience when I was not feeling well. All medications were explained before administration. The doctor’s and staff even moderated the pain medication on my request when I was not being myself. I felt like I had joined a family of caring and loving people as much as a highly professional institution. Thank you so much for everything.
Mrs. Alexendria Wilson
I am pleased to receive most progressive and responsive care from Norvic International Hospital. Thank You!
Mr. Zhaozhihong
Very happy and satisfied with the services of hospital. Thank you everyone.
Mrs. Srijana Maharjan
My dear sisters (Nurses and Supporting staffs), you all are wonderful people and I even don't know how to thank you. I went through a hard time being injured while travelling but you made me smiling and laughing everyday. You helped me so much staying positive!!! Keep on being such beautiful people inside and outside. I will miss you and hope to see you again. Let's keep in touch. Lots of love, positive energy and fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes. Thank you Norvic! Dhanyabad!! With Love, Franzi
Ms. Franziska Agnes
All staff are friendly and are so co-operative,its like family member.
Mrs. Purnima Shrestha
Thank you for the wonderful service. My stay was very nice. Room was very comfortable and the nurses are sweet and helpful.
Ms. Henriette Pederson
Prof. Dr. Rajiv Jha and his team helped me to walk again as I was suffering from Disc Collapse. I am grateful to the Doctor and team of Norvic International Hospital. Furthermore, I would like to thank the team of Nurses who took care of me like a baby.
Martina Kuss
I was admitted to Norvic Hospital for a period of 2 days. I was diagnosed with dengue. The staff in the ER immediately took care of my needs. Once I was transferred to the room the nursing staff doctors were very attentive. Overall my experience was excellent. Not such a bad experience for being first time hospitalized in my life. Thank you so much to all the hospital staffs. You helped me get better.
Ms. Fabiola Linnette Velasquez
My underlying gratitude to doctor, nurses and hospital staff for saving my life. With great care professionalism you performed your job. While it was difficult to be a person is need of such life saving help. I am glad I came to Norvic International Hospital.
Mr. Robert Andrew Rose
As soon as I arrived in ambulance to Norvic Hospital You have welcomed me, You have operated me, You have healed me, You have fed me, You have escorted me along the path of recovery, You have helped me with my everyday hygiene, You have helped me speak English, You have been patience. For all this and for all of you smiles. Dhanyabad! Thank you! Merci
Ms. Christine Durand Poyard
On my arrival at Kathmandu airport via helicopter, I was met and taken straight to hospital in an ambulance smooth and comfortable. On my arrival at Norvic Hospital I was taken to emergency and treated right away. Everyone was helpful. I was seen by Dr. Jaiswal and moved to a private room, everything was smooth and I was treated warmly and with respect. The nursing staffs have all gone beyond to make my stay comfortable. The hospital cleaning staffs have all been very friendly and always very helpful. If I had to get sick I am glad I got to come to Norvic.
Ms. Kylie Anderson
I was admitted to the Norvic International Hospital after becoming ill in the mountains. From the moment I arrived mu confidence in the team here has been extremely high. The quality of the medical team is as good as I have experienced anywhere and my condition has been well diagnosed and treatment without compromise. I also could not have been cared for better by the nursing and housekeeping staff rather than here. There cannot be better hospital in Nepal than the Norvic and I would recommend without any hesitation.
Mr. Michael Watson
Since being admitted to Norvic International Hospital, I have received the most professional care and attention. Both from the consultants and his medical staff, the nurses and all support personnel, all delivered with courtesy and good humor. The facilities are second to none and I can greatly recommend this hospital. My prayer would be that such facilities would be available to all citizens of this beautiful country.
John O’ Sullivan
My Experience at Norvic has been nothing but “Epic” even though my condition was not good. All the nurses and staffs were professional. Especially the hospital care crew who regularly came in and verified the cleanliness of my room. Thank you all for making my unpleasant situation feels “OK”.
Mr. Sirak Seyoum
I was very happy with my treatment at the Norvic International hospital. All the nurses and doctors were very friendly and helpful. My room and the facilities were very clean and comfortable. The food ordering service was very convenient and the food was amazing. Over all a great hospital.
Ms. Emma Hamilton
I was evacuated from Everest Base Camp trek with Altitude Mountain sickness. I was transferred to the Norvic Hospital and seen in urgent care very swiftly. We were then moved to a spacious private room which had an abundance of self catering facilities. The room service, doctors and nurses were all amazing, very professional making me feel welcome and informed. I have to admit the level of care and quality of service has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this hospital.
Mr. Paul Prince
Dear Hospital Team! I was in your Hospital from March 8th to March 14th because of high mountain sickness. I stayed on the 5th floor. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking care of me. In the meantime my sickness went better and I'm almost healthy again because of your help. Best greetings to all of your Norvic Family!
Mr. Franz Patzl
Hospitals are not always known for their "hospitality". However Norvic International is an exception. I was admitted here for treating a wrist fracture following a gravelling 12 days trek to Everest Base Camp. On my arrival trek I fell down and broke my wrist. Exhausted and aching limb to limb I was not looking for hospitalization. The professionalism and warmth exhibited by Dr.Pravin Nepal and team at this hospital is appreciable. Everyone here from the canteen staff to the supporting staff, the nurses and the surgeons exemplified professionalism and a personnel commitment to serve, that is unique to Nepal. No other country comes close. The quality of infrastructure is commendable. To all aspiring and returning trekkers out there, I have this to say: BE SAFE. But should you ever stumble, be comfortable in the knowledge that world class facilities are just 5km away from Kathmandu airport, extremely competent and ready to take care of any emergency.
Mrs. Saritha Sathyabhama Ramandhan
Namaste! Mero naam Keeshia ho. Good morning everyone! I was admitted in this hospital because of the car accident. I got here in Nepal just to attend the Asia Pacific Summit but in a sudden this unfortunate incident happened. In my 21 years of existence in this world, for many times I was confined for many reasons in the hospital but this is the best hospital that I've ever been to. This hospital helped me to have a second life. I'm so grateful to one of the person who recommended this hospital for my treatment, who is also one of the members in our organization (Universal Peace Federation).The nurses, doctor and all the staffs of this hospital was so good and kind (ramro). I can proudly refer this hospital to other patients. This because of the service and good people, this hospital can be called Heavenly Norvic International Hospital. Ma timilai maya garchhu Norvic! Thank you!
Ms. Keeshia C. Seraspe
I was Everest Base Camp trekker. Somehow at the end of the trip, I had some pneumonia problem triggered by high altitude sickness. My first few days in hospital were painful and exhausting with even some fear. During the several days, the HCU staffs closely paid attention to me and I really felt the CARE. Even after moving to normal care room, my recovery had been very disappointing, slower than normal. But my doctors never lost patience. Dr Ramesh Chokhani paid very close attention to me, gave a great confident and finally helped me to recover. Now returning back to my home in California USA, once again, I really appreciate the doctors and nurses who took care of me. My stay was long, more than a month. However it was fully satisfying experience with good people and hospital system and I totally recommend the hospital to the international visitors like me... Thanks Norvic and everybody I met there!
Mr. Chris Yun-Sung Joo
From the minute we arrived into Ambulance and Emergency to the minute we were discharged, we have been look after perfectly. Also, the food we ordered was very good. Thank you to all the staff for looking after us for five days.
Mr. Adrian John Cunliffe
Great and outstanding care during my stay. Outstanding service, attentive, professional and indeed awesome International Hospital. Excellent atmosphere and cleanliness everywhere throughout the hospital,.
Mr. Teerakorn Anathothai
I came here on the date 24th Oct 2018. My treating doctor was Dr. J. P. Jaiswal. The treatment i got during my stay was excellent. The service provide by hospital is so fast. All the staffs, doctors and nurses are good. All the service is satisfactory. Thank you all.
Mr. Philippe Jacques Enel
I was brought here because of the high altitude sickness in 28th October 2018. I stayed for whole two days and night. During my stay, all the staffs treated me so well. They were caring and helpful which made me feel thankful towards them while leaving this hospital.
Mrs. Mizuho Okata
Quick welcome and check up of my health. All the facilities were very comfortable and all the staffs i met were excellent and very attentive. All the staffs were with good manners and smiles. I felt like at home. Dhanyabad!
Mr. Manuel Goi
I felt confident and comfortable with the experience and demeanor of the staff at Norvic Hospital. The nurses are friendly and reassuring, a particular asset on the international floor where patients can be treated effectively in their own language and can be comfort against the stress overseas. I would definitely recommend this hospital over others in Kathmandu.
Ms. Emily Ainrcough
In the mist of excitement and exploring the mountain of Himalaya, I got into a massive asthma attack that led to a severe pain and breathing difficulties. I was air evacuated from the mountains to the Norvic hospital in Kathmandu. In my panic state, i was very worried about being foreigner in a hospital and seeking treatment. I was comfortably assured from the time I arrived at emergency, and i was given immediate care and doctor explained me the procedures and helped me stay calm and eased my pain away. I was transferred to International Patient floor, Room 508 and the nurses and GREs on this floor were amazing, always responding immediately and giving me help when needed. The recovery process was definitely faster with them. I would like to thank all the wonderful nurses, staffs and doctors who showed great understanding and care. My doctor, Dr. J.P. Jaiswal was very calm and reassuring doctor who examined me and made me to be ensured that recovered fast. Hiking in mountains may not been my blessings this time, but Norvic International Hospital care, doctors, nurses other staffs showed me the big heart of Nepalese people. The hospital definitely has shown me care and professionalism when I needed it most. THANK YOU NORVIC HOSPITAL!
Ms. Darshini Bala Krishnan