General Health Checkup Guidelines

  • Dietary Guidelines: Kindly refrain from consuming any food for at least 8-10 hours before your scheduled  check-up to ensure an empty stomach for accurate reporting. Drinking water is permissible to facilitate bladder filling for ultrasound of the lower abdomen. However, no other fluids such as tea, coffee, or juice are allowed.
  • Sample Collection: Urine and stool sample containers can be obtained from the sample collection room a day  prior to your appointment. It is recommended to submit both urine and stool samples within 45 minutes of collection.
  • Attire and Accessories: Avoid wearing any jewelry during your health check-up.
  • Attire During Tests:  You will be provided with a gown for various tests during your check up. Please wear comfortable sport shoes, especially if you will undergo tests like TMT.
  • Special Considerations: Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy should refrain from undergoing X-ray tests. It is also advisable to avoid health checks during menstrual cycles.
  • Medical History and Medication: Please bring along your old medical records when consulting with our physician about your health check-up reports. If you are on regular medication, ensure to carry them with you and inform the physician accordingly.
  • Duration of Check-up: The health check-up process typically takes around 2-3 hours to complete.
  • Availability: Health check-up facilities are available on all days except public holidays.
  • Reservation Policy: We can accommodate a maximum of 10 people for medical screening per day. However, fewer individuals can be entertained with prior information and booking.
  • Report Availability: All test reports will be ready on the same day if samples are provided in the morning (before 11:00 A.M), except for the Liquid Base Cytology Test (LBC), which requires 3 days (72  hours) for the report. Doctor consultations will be managed accordingly, except on  Saturdays.
  • Identification Requirement: Please ensure to carry a valid ID card.


· Reach Norvic International Hospital between 7:45 am to 8:00 am and proceed to New Diagnostic  Enquiry Counter.

· A locker for storing your belongings will be issued to you while you arrive for your health check                   against refundable security deposit.

· After the completion of the medical tests, please proceed to New Diagnostic Enquiry Counter to                   schedule your doctor’s consultation.

· A hygienic good quality breakfast is offered in selected health check packages after the completion of                             the medical test. Please carry the test sheet to The Canteen for breakfast.



· Come to Norvic at the scheduled time and date.

· Collect the reports from the Report Collection Counter.

· For the Consultation, please proceed to New Diagnostic Enquiry Counter, staff on duty will                        guide you further.




PLEASE                    CONTACT:

For Health Checkup

-First point of contact 

Ms. Jenisha Maharjan (Sr. Duty Officer – OPD) – 9801236584

-Second point of contact

Ms. Nayana Bastola (Asst. Manager – S & M) – 9801247090

-Any OPD issues Contact

Mr. Niraj Shakya (Manager – OPD) – 9801225318 

Norvic L/lines :  +977-01-5970032/432

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