International Patients at Norvic

Norvic Hospital ensures the comfort of all our international patients and their attendants during their stay in a foreign country. We offer international magazines in your preferred language, newspapers of choice, and cater to your culinary preferences whenever possible. Fresh juices, soups, and meals are provided in accordance with the guidelines from our dieticians. We also offer guidance and assistance for extending the visit period or planning visits to other countries.

Distance from Airport

Norvic is approximately 5 km from Tribhuvan International Airport.


We provide translation services in Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Russian, Filipino, and Hindi to ensure effective communication and support for our international patients.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01-5970432
Extension: 1035, 6506

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air evacuation

Air Evacuation

We prioritize your well-being. Our dedicated medical team is on standby to address any emergencies, backed by a fully equipped helicopter and ambulance services for swift transfers to Norvic International Hospital if necessary.

Norvic has got full-fledged facilitation office to help you in arrangement of Taxi’s, Air transport, Bus booking etc including Hotel bookings.

Contact Details

For Helicopter and Air Ambulance: +977 9801285000
For Ambulance: +977 9803111111 / +977 9803222222