Emergency Services

We are the leading provider of top-quality medical evacuation services in Nepal, specializing in the retrieval and repatriation of critically ill and injured individuals. Our highly experienced and qualified personnel manage our 24/7 emergency assistance and medical ambulance services. We have a dedicated team of doctors and staff available round-the-clock to offer advice and assistance during emergencies, making us the best emergency hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Opening Hours

24 Hours 7 days a week

Contact Details

Telephone: 01-5911623
Ambulance: 9803111111/9803222222

a group of people in scrubs and face masks getting into an ambulance

Basic Information

For medical emergencies, please contact us at 01-5911623.

For medical emergencies requiring ambulance services, please contact Norvic Emergency Services at 9803111111/9803222222. Our well-equipped ambulances, staffed by trained emergency personnel, will promptly reach your location. Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including cardiac monitors, defibrillators, airway equipment, and a transport ventilator for intubated and ventilated patients.

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