Ms. Darshini Bala Krishnan

Ms. Darshini Bala Krishnan

In the mist of excitement and exploring the mountain of Himalaya, I got into a massive asthma attack that led to a severe pain and breathing difficulties. I was air evacuated from the mountains to the Norvic hospital in Kathmandu. In my panic state, i was very worried about being foreigner in a hospital and seeking treatment. I was comfortably assured from the time I arrived at emergency, and i was given immediate care and doctor explained me the procedures and helped me stay calm and eased my pain away. I was transferred to International Patient floor, Room 508 and the nurses and GREs on this floor were amazing, always responding immediately and giving me help when needed. The recovery process was definitely faster with them. I would like to thank all the wonderful nurses, staffs and doctors who showed great understanding and care. My doctor, Dr. J.P. Jaiswal was very calm and reassuring doctor who examined me and made me to be ensured that recovered fast. Hiking in mountains may not been my blessings this time, but Norvic International Hospital care, doctors, nurses other staffs showed me the big heart of Nepalese people. The hospital definitely has shown me care and professionalism when I needed it most. THANK YOU NORVIC HOSPITAL!
Ms. Franziska Agnes

Ms. Franziska Agnes

My dear sisters (Nurses and Supporting staffs), you all are wonderful people and I even don't know how to thank you. I went through a hard time being injured while travelling but you made me smiling and laughing everyday. You helped me so much staying positive!!! Keep on being such beautiful people inside and outside. I will miss you and hope to see you again. Let's keep in touch. Lots of love, positive energy and fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes. Thank you Norvic! Dhanyabad!! With Love, Franzi

Mrs. Purnima Shrestha

All staff are friendly and are so co-operative,its like family member.

Mrs. Srijana Maharjan

Very happy and satisfied with the services of hospital. Thank you everyone.

Ms. Henriette Pederson

Thank you for the wonderful service. My stay was very nice. Room was very comfortable and the nurses are sweet and helpful.
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