Swimming the No. 1 Sport


Swimming is an exercise for people of all ages. Swimming helps a person to get or stay in shape as it is an excellent way to work your entire body and cardiovascular system. An hour of swimming burns almost as many calories as running, without all the impact on your bones and joints. It can be easy and we can go at our own pace. A person may choose swimming over another form of exercise for a range of reasons. It gives the body a thorough workout and has many advantages for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

  • The health benefits of swimming are associated with fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. It is highly beneficial for our body mechanisms as well. In the summer time, it assists in reducing body heat and rejuvenates our energy by refreshing us which also helps to improve our mental health as well. It builds up strength and energy like no other exercise possibly can. These benefits are listed below-
  • Whole body workout-

Swimming involves using most of our muscles as it requires us to use our arms, legs, torso and stomach. This helps us to increase our heart rate without putting any sort of stress in our body. Since most of our body parts function together while swimming, it also helps to improve our strength, tone our muscles and enhance our fitness level.

  • Builds cardiovascular strength-

Swimming is considered a cardio workout and this involves the functioning of our lungs, heart and circulatory system. Research has proven that swimming can lower blood pressure and control blood sugar levels.

  • Helps asthma patients-

Swimming is considered as a good form of exercise for patients with asthma as it expands our lungs capacity and enhances our control over breathing It is thought that breathing in warm, moist air rather than cold, dry air might reduce the risk of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and that swimming could help develop good breathing practices.

  • Beneficial for arthritis patients-

Patients diagnosed with arthritis have limited work out options as it is difficult for them to participate in any high-impact workouts. Since the water gently supports our muscles, many who are unable to take part in high resistance workouts prefer swimming instead.

  • Safe pregnancy-

Since pregnancy increases one’s weight this leads to severe joint and muscular pain. Studies have proven that water workout can relieve joint and other muscular discomforts linked with pregnancy as water can support the weight gained and help to strengthen our abdominal and shoulder muscles.

  • Improves sleep-

Swimming is one of the best options for people who are suffering from sleep deprivation.

  • Improves multiple sclerosis symptoms-

Water helps to make our limbs light and help to support them during exercise. A study conducted for a 20-week swimming program involving multiple sclerosis patients resulted in a significant reduction in pain and improvement in their symptoms such as fatigue, depression and disability.

  • Reduces obesity-

Swimming is an extremely beneficial exercise for reducing your weight and eliminating obesity. A swim burns a lot of calories in the body because many different body parts are involved in the process. You can lose up to 800 or 900 calories in just one hour of swimming. Many individuals take up this form of workout to stay fit and lean.

Swimming is considered a great form of exercise to stay fit and healthy all over the world as it provides an excellent workout for wide variety of individuals. One can build their muscles, improve their lungs, burn up calories and manage stress while having fun with their family and friends.

  • Norvic Editorial Team