Specialized Dental Clinic Commenced its Services at Norvic International Hospital


Adding a feature to its cap, Norvic has one more faculty that was added during mid December, 2009. The Dental clinic started its personalized services in Norvic Premises by conducting free check-up camps were organized for 3 days.

Dr. Niranjan Sharma & his associates were involved in the free check-up & counselling. About 200 patients received free check up and counselling during the period.

The clinic is one of the well equipped clinics with the state of art technology and latest amenities.

(Example : fully automatic Brazilian dental chair, Kodak digital X-ray which has less exposure-almost 0% compare to any other X-ray used in town today, intra-oral camera- by which patients can see on the screen what is going on inside their oral cavity, Orascoptic loupdentist can work with magnification to achieve perfect result which is not possible with naked eye etc.)

The Clinic has one operating room which is subjected to the BIOCLEAN stranded and the team uses FDA approved materials only. All Health the equipment being used is either disposable or autoclaved

The Dental Clinic at Norvic, a center of excellence, provides full range of dental as well as maxillofacial services utilizing the best technologies by / under the supervision of highly trained and experience Dental Surgeons at convenient location.