Laboratory Medicine

Norvic Multi-Specialty Hospital is among the few hospitals in the country to NABL accredited tests, corroborating the Hospital’s aim to provide the most reliable, accurate and advanced diagnostic services to the patients.

The laboratory is equipped with fully automated advanced equipment seamlessly interfaced with the hospital information system to provide the unique advantage of access to the laboratory reports from any location within the hospital and secured access to authorized individuals from any remote location. The patients also have the facility to view and download their outpatient laboratory reports with real-time online access, thus saving time, money and effort for patients and their relatives.
man lab doing experiments

A team that cares

Norvic takes pride in our team of doctors who are both highly skilled professionals and compassionate individuals. Our doctors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide the best medical care to our patients.


Dr. Ramesh Dhakhwa

Consultant Pathologist


Dr. Piyush Rajbhandari

Consultant Pathologist

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