Norvic Skin Clinic, located in Kathmandu, offers comprehensive dermatological services for skin, hair, nails, and related conditions. Services span surgical, cosmetic, and pediatric dermatology, with expertise in disorders like acne, psoriasis, and more. Led by Prof. Dr. Anupama Karki Kunwar and Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya, our team provides world-class care, including treatments like Botox, Fillers, and Dermatologic surgery in a spa-like setting.



The Department of Dermatology offers treatment for all skin, hair, nails and related diseases. We provide services ranging from surgical, cosmetic and paediatric dermatology. We are also specialized in treating common as well as advanced dermatology disorders like acne, Psoriasis, eczema, hair loss, sexually transmitted diseases etc.

Our experts specialize in treating skin cancer, eczema, acne, shingles, hair loss, moles, as well as diseases of oral mucous membrane, genital disorder, sexually transmitted diseases, leg ulcers and Psoriasis. We also offer treatment for pigmentation disorders like leukoderma (white patches) and hyperpigmentation (dark brown/black patches). At Norvic, we provide a holistic care approach to patients seeking treatment for glowing skin.

Norvic Skin Clinic is a world-class Dermatology clinic located within the heart of Kathmandu. Our bouquet of unique and effective treatment options makes Norvic a distinct choice for people not only in Kathmandu but all across Nepal. We have competent medical expertise delivering state of the art skincare solutions in a comfortable spa-like ambience. Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya is an expert in both aesthetic medicine as well as clinical dermatology and is constantly striving to offer state of the art personalized treatment. We offer Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peel, Mesotherapy, PFP, Dermatologic surgery, Microdermabrasion and Microneedling.

A team that cares

Norvic takes pride in our team of doctors who are both highly skilled professionals and compassionate individuals. Our doctors are carefully selected and thoroughly trained to provide the best medical care to our patients.


Prof. Dr. Anupama Karki Kunwar

Sr. Consultant Dermatologist & Venereologist

Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya

Dr. Shirapa Bajracharya

Consultant Dermatologist

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Dr. Suman Nepal

Consultant Dermatologist & Hair Transplant

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