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According to a study conducted by the Asian Journal of Pediatric Nephrology, hospital-based studies showed that the incidence of pediatric kidney disease among hospital admissions was 11.8% in Nepal in 2022. Furthermore, the study was conducted by Wolters Kluwer and originally published in MedKnow. Nevertheless, in another study done over 3 years, 8.5% of children presenting with kidney disease in a tertiary care hospital had chronic kidney disease. Similar data has also been shown in Articles and journals published by International Pediatric Nephrology Association and Kathmandu Medical Journal.

Before not just many hospitals but Nepal as a country whole lacked Pediatric Training Programme as well as proper equipment to provide proper and Best Pediatric Nephrology treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal. However, with much-advanced equipment, the latest technology and methods, Norvic International Hospital has made itself the Best hospital for Pediatric Nephrology in Kathmandu, Nepal over all these past years.

Adding to this, Norvic International Hospital’s Consultant Pedritician and Pediatric Nephrologist adds his words to the continuing scenario of Pediatric Nephrologists in Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Pediatric Nephrology has evolved as a growing subspecialty and developed significantly in the discipline of Pediatrics in Nepal in recent years. Kidney diseases in children are diverse and have distinct epidemiology, pathophysiology and outcomes significantly affecting kidney health in adulthood. It is estimated that around 10 per cent of the Nepalese population is somehow suffering from kidney disease. Hospital-based data showed the incidence of pediatric kidney diseases among hospital admission was 11.8%.

The availability of advanced diagnostic services at our centre and improved access to health care have revealed a significant burden of pediatric kidney diseases recently. This has increased awareness and health-conscious behaviour in parents of at-risk children. Government programs for subsidised dialysis and kidney transplant services have also led to more awareness and probably a recent surge in pediatric kidney patients seeking renal health services.

best pediatric nephrologist in kathmandu nepal norvic international hospital

Most common renal diseases in children are Acute glomerulonephritis, Post Streptococcal GN, Nephrotic syndrome, Urinary tract infection, Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic kidney disease, Congenital anomaly of the urinary tract, Obstructive Uropathy, Hemolytic uremic syndrome, the Lupus nephritis, Henoch Schonlein Purpura Nephritis, renal stone, unexplained hematuria, pediatric dialysis and transplantation etc.

Children are commonly present with a recurrent urine infection, protein in the urine, blood in urine, swelling of eyes and body, bed wetting in older children, renal stone, the anomaly of kidney and urinary tract (absent kidney, kidney at the abnormal site, obstruction of urinary tract etc, kidney failure etc.

Prenatal Ultrasound has aided in the early detection of various congenital kidney and urinary tract abnormalities. These abnormalities require extensive postnatal evaluation and treatment. A substantial number of children are hospitalised with renal diseases, and current trends indicate that the majority of them are preventable. The availability of advanced diagnostic modalities, immunosuppressive medications and equipment has aided to treat complex pediatric kidney problems.

Early detection and timely intervention is the hallmark of a better outcome for these kidney diseases. Strengthened and improved services in a facility like ours has led to improved health care for pediatric kidney patients (Treatment of all sorts of Pediatric kidney diseases) and we get a referral from throughout the country where pediatric renal services are not available. Here at Norvic International Hospital, we provide a more comprehensive service for children with kidney diseases.”

Fun Fact: Kidney diseases in children are relatively rare compared to adult kidney diseases. It is estimated that approximately 1-3% of children worldwide have some form of kidney disease.

What is Pediatric Nephrology?

Pediatric nephrology is a medical speciality focused on diagnosing and treating kidney diseases in children, ranging from newborns to adolescents. Pediatric nephrologists are specialized doctors who provide comprehensive care for conditions such as acute and chronic kidney diseases, inherited kidney disorders, urinary tract infections, nephrotic syndrome, and kidney transplantation.

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They work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to manage kidney-related complications in children with various underlying conditions. The goal of pediatric nephrology is to optimize kidney function, improve the quality of life for children with kidney diseases, and promote their overall health and well-being.

Pediatric nephrology involves diagnostic tests, medical interventions, and close engagement with patients and their families to educate them about kidney health and disease management. By addressing the unique needs of pediatric patients, pediatric nephrologists contribute to the long-term health outcomes and development of children with kidney disorders.

Brief Scenario of Pediatric Nephrology in Kathmandu, Nepal

Best Pediatric nephrology in Kathmandu Nepal

Best Pediatric nephrology in Kathmandu Nepal plays a crucial role in addressing kidney diseases among children. The healthcare system in Kathmandu has pediatric nephrologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating kidney conditions in children. They provide comprehensive care for a range of kidney disorders, including acute and chronic kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, nephrotic syndrome, and inherited kidney disorders.

These specialists collaborate with other healthcare professionals to offer integrated care, conduct diagnostic tests, provide medical interventions, and educate patients and their families about kidney health. Although specific recent study data for pediatric nephrology in Kathmandu, Nepal is unavailable to me as an AI model with a knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it is important to note that ongoing research and advancements in the field continually contribute to improving the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for children with kidney diseases in this region.

Quick Note: The most common kidney conditions seen in pediatric nephrology include urinary tract infections, nephrotic syndrome, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT), and hereditary kidney diseases.

Best Pediatric Nephrology treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal

Norvic International Hospital is renowned for its exceptional and Best Pediatric Nephrology treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal. With advanced facilities and a team of highly skilled pediatric nephrologists, the hospital excels in diagnosing and managing kidney diseases in children. Their multidisciplinary approach, collaboration with various specialists, and state-of-the-art technology ensure comprehensive care for children with kidney disorders. Thus, Norvic International Hospital is referred to as the Best hospital for Pediatric Nephrology in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Access to the best pediatric nephrology treatment in Kathmandu, Nepal is vital for a better future. Kidney diseases can significantly impact a child’s health, growth, and development. Optimal treatment provided by experts in the field helps prevent complications, preserve kidney function, and improve the quality of life for these children. By receiving the best care available, children with kidney diseases have a greater chance of leading healthier lives, achieving their full potential, and securing a brighter future.

Best Pediatric Nephrologist in Kathmandu Nepal

Norvic International Hospital is home to the country’s best pediatric nephrologist in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hospital boasts a highly skilled team of pediatric nephrologist who excel in their field. The renowned specialist, Dr. Vivek Todi, who with his expertise, experience and team, provide top-notch care for children with kidney disorders. Their collective knowledge and skills contribute to accurate diagnoses, effective treatment plans, and comprehensive management of pediatric kidney diseases. The presence of such a talented team ensures that patients at Norvic International Hospital receive the best possible care from the esteemed pediatric nephrologist.

Furthermore, Norvic International Hospital also hosts other Pediatric Specialist which include Dr. Binita G. Joshi, Dr. Anjali Bagaria, Dr. Nripesh Rajbhandari, Dr. Niva Rajbhandari Shrestha, Dr. Ramji Silwal, Dr. Samir Shakya, Dr. Yadab Dhakal, Dr. Ganesh Shah, Dr. Pradeep Gupta.

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Quick Fact: CAKUT is one of the leading causes of kidney-related issues in children. It encompasses a wide range of structural abnormalities of the kidneys and urinary tract that occur during fetal development.