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Job Description

Medical Officer

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • To attend any new patient (admission ) immediately
  • To take a proper history of the patient (if he is in a position to give it on his own) from his relative
  • Examine the patient
  • Check any previous record ,if available
  • Charts down all the details in the history sheet
  • Inform the respective consultant about the admission and follow his orders
  • Instruct the nursing staff about the necessary orders to be carried out
  • To take rounds and examine individual patients. Inform the respective consultant /registrars if any new findings
  • Attend rounds with the respective consultants and carry out the necessary changes in the order. Enter them in the treatment sheet .Inform the nursing staff on duty about the same
  • To follow up with all the investigations to be seen and trace their results .Inform the registrar/Consultant
  • To attend Patient complaints
  • Assist the Sr. medical Registrar in achieving organizational goals.
  • To be present in the hospital during hours in a strict dress code i.e. a blue dress, ID card appear presentable.
  • Proper handover/Takeover to be taken at the bedside (mandatory)
  • To resume the duty shift with a progress note/continuation sheet, to carry out cardex, fill up all the consultants’ sheets, take notes and prepare for rounds with consultants.
  • To be present in the rounds when possible and to carry out all the orders immediately in the cardex page as instructed /ordered by consultants.
  • To write all the rounds notes in the green paper and immediately carry it out in the cardex.
  • To inform of any report or any other details of the patients to the concerned consultant and to carry out the orders accordingly along with a note that says so.
  • To go to the bedside regarding any concerns or problems of the patients and write a note of it in the appropriate sheet.
  • In case a patient deteriorate, then immediately go to the bedside, examine the patient and carry out treatment after consultation with the consultants.
  • In case a patient collapses, carry out emergency protocol management and ask a staff to call the consultants and brief the consultant yourself and to carry out his/her orders accordingly.
  • In case of night duties, immediately summon the on-call registrar at scene.
  • Emergency management of a patient in case of collapse doesn’t require any order from a senior doctor but must be able to explain your actions later.
  • To make a proper cardex in the beginning of the night shift and to sign your name on the appropriate location of the cardex.
  • To maintain outmost discipline and to make sure everyone else does the same in your respective wards.
  • To make the discharge summaries properly without any abbreviations in the sheets.
  • Be present for all the meetings, mortality meets, classes and conferences.
  • Be ready to go to any camps as directed by the Director or the Incharge or Registrar.
  • Be ready to escort any patient to the desired destination whether inside the country or abroad as directed by the Director or the Incharge or registrar.
  • Communicate with the patient’s party for the purpose of briefing them about the status of patient from time to time as necessary.
  • Operate and handles medical equipment as instructed by the registrar.
  • Any other responsibilities assigned by the Board of Management from time to time.

Other Details


Qualifications MBBS with registration in NMC


Experience0 - 1 Years

No. of Vacancies5

Expire DateMar 30, 2020

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