Parent's Wellness Plans

Greetings from Norvic! You can now gift your parents the “Gift of Health “by choosing Parent’s Wellness Plan (PWP). It’s a unique way to let your parents know you care about their well-being, even while you are not with them.

After all, what could be more thoughtful than the “Gift of Health”-PWP?

A Gift which will make your parents feel your Presence when you are not around them. A more personal and secured Gift which gives you in return the opportunity to consider the health needsof your Parents. A Gift that enables you to provide health caretaker for your parents.

Ensuring Parent’s Wellness while Staying Away.

Many of us get established abroad or staying away leaving our beloved Parents behind. Responsibilities demand more work and labor than relationships.But; one’s mind always travels back home wondering one’s Parents Health and sometimes feel helplessness that nothing really can be done to make your presence filled even when you are not there.

Now, Norvic has a well thought solution to this for you and which ensures your parents are looked after well medically and updated back to you even when you are not with them. The time has come when you can go abroad and be assured of your parentswell being in your absence. You can now make your presence felt, even while you are abroad.

Features of Parent’s Wellness Plan –PWP

  • Friendly call from PWP Desk every fortnight Our PWP Officers will call your Parents every fortnightly to check on their health and to let them know that there is someone caring for them.
  • Peace of Mind Once you sign up for PWP, you can completely relax regarding your Parent’s well being is concerned. Apart from taking care of their Health needs, PWP also brings their Quarterly health care status to you via Email wherever you are in the world.
  • Dedicated Mobile Number  Once you enroll for PWP program, dedicated mobile number will be available to you and your parents for any query or emergency all 24 hours.
  • Mode of Payment 
    1. You can make payment online 24/7 through , this facility is currently for Nepalese residing in USA). Other than USA, the payment can be transferred from Money Gram office counter in that country and the details can be seen from above website. If any doubt be there then feel free to contact us.
    2. Facility for direct wire transfer is available from your bank  to our bank .Kindly contact Mr. Ankit Agrawal (G.M Operations) at mail id :

Points to Remember

  • You and your beneficiary have to be a citizen of Nepal residing in Kathmandu within the vicinity of 15KMs from the hospital.
  • For any query relating to Parents Wellness Program, please write to us at
                          PLAN A                                      PLAN B 
(Annual Charges US$ 500, inclusive of all Taxes) (Annual Charges NRS 31000, inclusive of all Taxes)
MONTHLY CHECK-UP at HOME (By Paramedical Staff)  
General Check-up  
Communication with doctors if required   
Checking current medication with prescription  
Blood Sugar Test  
Oxygen Saturation Level   
Facilitate Doctor's Appointments as needed  
QUARTERLY CHECK-UP (Every 3 months at  Hospital) QUARTERLY CHECK-UP (Every 3 months at Hospital)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Blood Sugar Fasting Blood Sugar Fasting
Uric Acid Uric Acid
Urea Urea
Urine R/M Urine R\M
Creatinine Creatinine
Sodium Sodium
Potassium Potassium
Blood Pressure Blood Pressure
Doctor’s Consultation  Doctor's Consultation
                          ANNUAL CHECK-UP                   ANNUAL CHECK-UP 
Doctor’s Consultation Doctor’s Consultation
Blood Sugar (Fasting/Random) Blood Sugar (Fasting/Random)
Renal Function Test  Renal Function Test 
Sodium Sodium
Potassium Potassium
Creatinine Creatinine
Urea Urea
Uric Acid Uric Acid
Lipid Profile Lipid Profile
Billurubin Total Billurubin Total
Billurubin Conjucated Billurubin Conjucated
Total Protein Total Protein
Albumin Albumin
Globilium Globilium
Haematology Profile/CBC Haematology Profile/CBC
ABO Grouping (if not documented) ABO Grouping
Urine Routine Urine Routine
Stool Routine Stool Routine (for women)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Echocardiography (EEG) Echocardiography (EEG)
Chest X-Ray PA (Digital) Chest X-Ray PA (Digital)
Ultrasound Abdomen Ultrasound Abdomen
Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
LBC PAP Cytology test, Pelvis & Breast Exam  (for women) LBC PAP Cytology test (for women)
Total PSA (for men) Total PSA (for men)
Calcium Occult Blood 
Urine R/M TMT
  Serum TSH (For Female Only)
  Mammogram Double (for women)
  Full Body Analyser Test
  Glycosylated Hb ( HbA1c)
                          SPECIAL PWP REWARDS  
Greetings Calls on Birthday/Anniversary  
Executive Waiting Lounge in the Hospital  
Members Get together  on Father’s and Mother’s Day  
at Norvic Hospital (Group Photographs will be sent  
through email )  
PWP badge for easy recognition  
Dietician consultation  if required.  
                          PWP HEALTH CARD  
10% Discount on the following:-  
Pathological Investigations (except outsourced)  
Non Invasive Cardiac investigations  
Health Packages  
Room/ Bed Charges  
embulance EMERGENCY