Medical Technology at Norvic

A pioneer in world class health care system, Norvic Hospitals strives to put in place an integrated and comprehensive health care system. It has laid foundation to an infrastructure which is backed by cutting edge medical technology. The hospital has installed some of the most innovative equipment in diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.

Norvic Hospital Technological Infrastructure Boasts Of State-Of-The Art Medical Equipment Such As:

3 Tesla MRI  |  128 Slice Cardiac CT Scan  |  Full DR   |  Mammography |  High - end Color Doppler Ultrasound Systems  |  PACS  |  HIS Integrated Department

Cath Lab (Optima ICG 320 from GE heathcare) | High – end 3D Echo |  TMT  |  ABP  |  Holter | ECG| Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE)| Body Mass Analyzer

Endoscopic Ultrasound System|  HD Gastroscope |HD Colonoscope| HD Sigmoidoscope| HD Enteroscope| |HD Duodenoscope| Irrigation Pump| CO2 Insufflator|  Automated Endoscope Reprocessor|

Respiratory Critical Care 
Video Bronchoscopy System | PFT |

Holmium Laser 100 Watt with Morcellator | Lithotripsy System  |  Mini PCNL|Uroflowmetry|

OPG Machine |  Digital X-rays|

High Speed Drill System |  Neuro Microscope |EEG | EMG |

Ventilator   |  Central Venous Pressure Monitoring  |  Invasive Intra - arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring  |  ET CO2 Monitoring  |   |  PA - Pressure Monitoring  |   |Bedside ECHO Cardiology  |  Portable X - ray Viewer  |  Brain Huggar  |   Warmers  |  Blood Gas Analyzer | Syringe Pumps | Infusion Pumps | Bi-phasic Defibrillators| |Central Monitoring|

Incubators| Neonatal ventilators| Phototherapy| Foetal Doppler| Infant Resuscitator

Bed Side Monitors| Portable Ventilator| Emergency OT| Defibrillator|

Portable Ventilator| Bi-phasic Defibrillators| Multi-parameter monitoring | Suction Pump| Syringe pump|

ETO Machine | Fully Automated Autoclave |

Surgical Services
Heart Lung Machine | Haemotherm | Diathermy | Intra - aortic Balloon Pump | Harmonic Scalpel | Holmium Laser 100 Watt with Morcellator | Lithotripsy System  |  Mini PCNL| Uroflowmetry| High End Anesthesia Machine | C-Arm| ENT Microscope| Laproscopic Video System| Neuro Drill System| Arthoscopy|Fibrillator|IABP|

CTG Machine |Baby Warmers|Cryo Surgery| Colposcopy|

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer| Fully Automated Hormone Analyzer| Electrolyte Machine| 5 Part Blood Cell Counter |HPLC system| Bacteriological Incubator |Safety Hood Cabinet |LBC System| Bactec System | Fully Automated ELISA System| Fully Automated Urine Analyzer|

Nerve & Muscle Stimulator  |  Ultrasound Therapy  |  Combo Stimulator  |  Combination Unit  | Shortwave Therapy  | Winstim Combo |  Advanced NMS/TENS | Cryotherapy Machine |  Hydrocollator | Relax TNS | 

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