Managing Director

As we celebrate the silver jubilee of Norvic International Hospital, I find it the most appropriate occasion to dwell upon the vital role of human resource and their humane approach in what is actually a mission and not mere profession.

Norvic has more than 100 board certified physicians and highly trained staff to tend to its patients who visit us from all across Nepal and even abroad. We take great care in selecting the best possible medical talent so that our patients get world-class care. Add to this our emphasis on regularly upgrading medical technology and equipment and we find ourselves adequately equipped and confident to face diverse medical challenges.

But no less important for us is the spirit of service which can do wonders for patients and their kin. It is here that the heart takes precedence over the head. Sensitivity and empathy form the foundation of health- care.

Not so at Norvic. No wonder, the hospital has emerged as a brand that spells care for the ill and the suffering.

We are in the process of adding to our existing repertoire of cutting edge technologies and systems to ensure better patient experience and medical outcomes.

The introduction of a new Health Information System by the year end will enable our clinicians to access mission-critical patient information securely and promptly. Our valued patients too will be able to access their health information records via a secure app or website.

Norvic will continue to tread the path of innovation as change is the only constant today. Earnest execution in such areas will help us become the hospital we aim to be.


Megha Chaudhary
Managing Director 

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