Dr. Rabindra Lal Pradhan


Dr. Rabindra Lal Pradhan

Consultant Surgeon

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05:00pm- 08:00pm

Professional Journey

  • Intern (House Job), General Surgery, Bir Hospital, Nov1990-Jun 1991
  • Intern (House Job), Internal Medicine, Bir Hospital, Jun1991-Dec1991
  • House Officer, General Surgery, TUTH, Feb 1992-Oct1993
  • Medical officer, Neurosurgery, Bir Hospital, feb1994-nov1994
  • Medical officer, Emergency, Bir Hospital, feb1995-Jul1995
  • Medical Officer, Orthopaedics, Bir Hospital, Sep 1995-nov 1996.
  • Clinical Fellow, Orthopaedics, Akita University School of Medicine, Dec1996- Nov 1997.
  • Medical Officer, Orthopedics, HMG Dec1997-Aug1999.
  • Ph.D Fellow, Orthopaedics, Akita University School of Medicine, Sep1999-Feb2001.
  • Lecturer, Orthopaedics, Kathmandu medical College, March 2001- February2006.
  • Assistant Prof. Orthopaedics, Kathmandu Medical College, feb2006-June 2011.
  • Assistant Prof. Orthopaedics  , Kathmandu Medical College, June 2011-27th march 2017
  • Professor, Orthopaedics, Kathmandu Medical College, 28th march 2017- Till Date.
  • MBBS, Sind Medical College, University of Karachi-(1984-1990)
  • PhD (Orthopedic Surgery), Akita University School of Medicine, Japan-(1996-2001)
  • Fellowship in Spinal Surgery, Indian Spinal Injuries Centre-(Jan2008-March2008)
  • Visiting Scholar in Spinal Surgery of Medicne, Japan (Under Prof K Abumi, Sapporo, Japan), Hokkaido University School-(Aug2011-Sep2011).
  • Fellowship in Endoscopic and MIS Spine Surgery South Korea, Nanoori Suwon Hospital-(June 2017-Sep2017).

Special Courses and Conference:

  • Organizing Vice Chairman 2nd APSS Spine Operative Course, May2017
  • Spine week –Singapore July 2016-as guest faculty
  • Spinal Endoscopy Training Workshop,16-19 May,2014,Kathmandu,Nepal
  • Annual conference of association of Spinal Surgeons of India (ASSICON 2014),January 23-26,Kolkota,india.
  • Global Spine congress April 3- 5, 2013, Hongkong.
  • 26th All Nepal Medical Conference (ANEMECON),2-4th March ,2013-Chairperson for Judging the best poster award.
  • Annual conference of Association of Spinal Surgeons of India (ASSICON 2013), January 25-27, Kochi, India
  • International spine and spinal cord society annual meeting (ISSICON), New Delhi, and 12-14th October, 2012.
  • Enhancing Emergency Health and Rehabilitation Response Readiness  Capacity of the Health System in the Event of  a  High Intensity Earthquake in the Kathmandu Valley, Training for Trainers June 23-24,Kathmandu,Nepal
  • Annual Conference of Association of Spinal Surgeons of India (ASSICON2012), February23-26, New Delhi, India.
  • Faculty –AO Sec Principle Course on Fracture Management for Surgeons-26-27 November, 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • AO Sec Principle Training Program 25thNovember, 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • AO Spine Principles Symposium, 22-23 April, 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Workshop for Editors of Medical Journals of Nepal, February 16th 2011, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Spinal Instrumentation Workshop, 10th February, 2011, Chaukot, Kavre, Nepal.
  • Surgical workshop on ‘The Principle of spine surgical care following spine fracture and spinal cord injury’ November 4th 2010, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 32nd Annual Meeting of RCOST, October 22-24,2010, Pattaya,Thailand
  • 2nd Siriraj Orthopaedic Alumni International Meeting October 21,2010.Bankok, Thailand
  • First Nepal-America Spine Conference, March 20-21, 2010, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • 1st Nepal-Japan Orthopedic symposium & ORTHOCON 2010, Feb 18-20, 2010, Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Annual Conference of association of Spinal Surgeons of India (ASSICON 2010), January 22-24, Nagpur, India.
  • Short Course for Journal editors, May1-2,2009 Pittsburgh, USA
  • COE 2008, Orthopaedic Research Council India, 18th-21 September 2008, Kathmandu,Nepal.
  • Hospital Preparedness for Emergencies (HOPE) course 13-16th May 2008, Kathmandu,Nepal.
  • Basic Workshop on Spinal Cord Injury Management 25-27th February, 2008, ISIS, New Delhi, India.
  • International Group for Advancement in Spinal Science ‘New Trends in Deformity Corrections”21 February, ISIS, New Delhi, India.
  • Combined Spine Arthroplasty Course with Prodise, 5th-6th January, 2008, New Delhi, India.
  • SLC Spine course 29-30 December, 2007, Pune, India.
  • Hand Surgery workshop, 16 November, 2007, Dhulikhel, Nepal.
  • Instructional course on Spinal trauma and current Advances.21 may 2007, Kathmandu,Nepal.
  • Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Workshop .17-18 March 2007, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Primary Trauma Instructor Course.15-17 October,2006,Kathmandu,Nepal
  • AO-SEC Trauma Symposium.15-17 October,2006,Kathmandu,Nepal
  • Workshop on Distal Radius Fractures.1-3 August, 2006, Chandigarh, India.
  • Workshop on Sign Nailing.4-5th December,2005,Kathmandu,Nepal.
  • AO Basic course in Fracture Management .July 30th -1st Aug 2004,Kolkota,India.
  • Sports Medicine Course of FUTURo II, FIFA Education Programme,23-28th November,1998,Kathmandu,Nepal.

Participation in Seminars:

  • Consultative Meeting for the development of National Ethical Review Guidelines for Health Institution-Conducted by NHRC,8 Aug 2005.
  • Orientation workshop on Enabling Health care providers for Care and Support of HIV positive people 24-26thSep.2005, Kathmandu.
  • Role and Challenges of Mutual  aid agency in Civil Aviation Authority,28th June 2010,Kathmandu.
    • Pakistan Technical Assistance Program for Medical Education 1984-1990
    • Council of Science Editors, International Scholar -2009
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