Norvic International Hospital

24 HRS Hotline
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+977-01-4258554  Ext : 1031 / 1030

Pathological Services

Advance Laboratory Services
  • Few of the added Advantages of Norvic in diagnostic perspectives…
  • State-of-art equipment & technologies
  • Advanced Bio-chemistry machine from Johnson & Johnson, USA.
  • Sysmex Haematology machine, Germany.
  • Chemiluminesence, Hormone Analyzer, Roche, Switzerland
Lab services being offered 
All the common lab investigations
  • Complete blood count,
  • Liver function test,
  • Kidney function test,
  • Screening tests for ischemic heart disease, 
  • Complete test for diabetes,
  • Lipid profile,
  • Serology screening,
  • Sputum, body fluid analysis,
  • Urine, stool test and
  • Histopathology and cytology services.
Nrovic Laboratory Services
  • Highly standardized and a wide range of laboratory tests at a reasonable price.
  • Reports are comparable to the international lab standards.
  • Norvic Lab has received Excellent Grading from the Govt of Nepal, National public health laboratory, Teku on their random, uninformed inspections.
Special Lab Services
Hormone analysis:
  • Thyroid Profile which includes ultrasensitive method of testing (u- TSH, fT3,fT4),
  • Serum prolactin,
  • Serum luteinizing hormone(LH) and
  • Serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).
  • Bone metabolism
  • Serum calcium
  • Serum phosphorus
  • Vitamin D Total.
Anemia screening:
  • S.Iron Profile,
  • Vitamin B12, and
  • Serum folate level.
Infectious disease screening:
  • Dengue (IgM, IgG),
  • Malaria antibody,
  • S.ADA for Tuberculosis,
  • Infectious Hepatitis Profile
  • Routine microbiological culture and isolation of pathogens,
  • We offer blood culture test using highly sensitive BACTEC Plus automatic system,
  • Fungal culture for sputum,
  • Stool culture for enteric pathogens, etc.
Outsourcing of Lab Services
To serve our patients better, we outsource blood to SRL DIAGNOSTICS (Super Religare Laboratory ), one of the highly qualified laboratories in India which performs a wide range of laboratory testing.