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CT Scanning

World's most advanced CT Scanning is now available at Norvic International Hospital

Unique benefits of CT Scanning with Ingenuity 128 slice CT scanner
  • CT with up to 80% lower X-Ray radiation
  • Faster Scanning with highest image quality
  • Non-invasive cardiac scanning within few minutes
  • Capability of high quality brain and body angiography
  • Advanced Neuroimaging capability with brain perfusion and angiography software.
  • Clear Orthopedic imaging with award winning metalartefact reduction technology
  • Dedicated dental imaging capability with panaromic and cross sectional projections
  • Exclusive oncology imaging features like lung nodule assessment applications.

More accurate diagnosis:
  • 128 slices scanning of Ingenuity offers faster scanning capabilities with 33% improvement in z-axis visualization, which translates into better images for more confident diagnosis
  • It also offers ultra high resolution for outstanding spatial visualization that results in the ability to visualize even the minutest of details during the scan
  • Philips Ingenuity with iDose4 at Norvic International Hospital is first-of-its kind CT in Kathmandu. It will help in faster and better diagnosis while also ensuring that patient safety and comfort are of highest standards.

Benefits of Cardiac Angiography with 128 Slice Ingenuity

Highly efficient Non-invasive alternative to screen your heart for diseases CT Coronary Angiography has emerged as the most reliable non-invasive modality for evaluation of heart diseases. Noninvasive nature of the investigation and superior image quality makes it viable alternative to invasive catheter angiography in cardiac evaluation.

Low X-Ray exposure to Patients and High Clinical detailing with iDose4 Imaging.?

128 Slice Ingenuity at Norvic International Hospital is equipped with most advanced technology features like iDose4. iDose4 is an iterative reconstruction technique that gives us control to personalize image quality based the patients’ needs at low dose and enables high quality imaging at low injected contrast.

Special features for infant and paediatric patients scanning and Paediatric Angiography

X-ray exposure are more harmful in small children, to ensure maximum patient safety and faster exam, this CT machine is equipped with special protocols for scanning of pediatric patients which is based on patient weight, automatically decides the optimum parameters to ensure best image at minimum Xray exposure.

Neurology applications: Brain Angio and Perfusion Imaging is highly advanced on Ingenuity 128 slice CT as it is faster than the ordinary CT scanners with lesser number of slices, generating faster true arterial phase angiography and advanced brain perfusion imaging for stroke patients.